Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cardeef first masterpiece

what a weird feeling to have my own blog already now...i hate to write diary...i really don't like to keep updating my activities into sort of thing like's just so troublesome for now, i have my own blog already...this is like i'm against my philosophy...but i don't think so...last time i don't have much things to do in my life...just study, study and study...but now im in da university already which is in da different phase of da university, there are lot of things we can involve in...and not to forget, the most tiring thing to do in university's life is assignments...for every single paper, we have to complete the assignment given by our lecturer...but as for me, so far it was so much fun...this is just so new for me...but im enjoying myself doing all the stuffs...besides that, speaking about friends n social life in university is just so different if compared to the life when i was in high school last is totally different...i had so much fun with all my friends here...iwan, asyraf, joe, vimal n azilah were too good as a friend for me...we were like a all da education friends, not only malays but chinese n indian as well...but not to forget, i have international friends also who are maryam from usa n nadeah from first i really hate to take education in uam, but after i've studied da pychology bout education, i changed my mind...actually i do like education, but it's just like, i hate to become a school i'm thinking to further my master in edu pycho just i graduate my first degree in da next 3 years coming...that's my just strive for quite dissapointed about my pointer for last sem...i only got 3.37 overall...but im so happy to say that, i got A for both of my education papers...thanx to Dr Melissa, Prof Subadrah, Dr Rahimi, n Dr Nik for being such an awesome lecturers...thanx to everyone arounds me for da help n support...looking forward for da blog that i've created in sem 2 year 1 in Universiti Sains Malaysia... hopefully, i have some time to keep updating my latest activities in da future...

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  1. wah..amazing....i'm currently teaching in sekolah menengah sains as a chemistry teacher ...damien,why u change ur name?is it happy to ave that name instead of muslim's name?